London, UK

One of the world's great cities, London is a frenzied and diverse capital with a cornucopia of architectural wonders and rich heritage. As has been well documented, it is currently weathering the storm of the world-wide economic crisis that has seen the city's status as the world's pre-eminent financial centre tremble. London is currently gearing up for the 2012 Olympics, the ... read more »

Moscow, Russia

Confident, cash-rich and civilised, Moscow is the city that's come in from the cold, and then some. Nowadays, there are an estimated 40 billionaires in Moscow, all enjoying the strong ruble, whilst being driven forwards by sky-high oil prices in a city with a real attraction for investment banks. Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs now compete with the natives, Renaissance Capital and ... read more »

Munich, Germany

Munich calls up cheery images of beer halls, baroque churches and Oktoberfest but in reality this great city is an economic power player and Germany's leading commercial hub. Formerly, agricultural, the region is now focussed on cars, electronics, insurance, IT and many other modern day industries. Munich's main daily newspaper is Süddeutsche Zeitung, which is also popular elsewhere in Germany. Its ... read more »

Paris, France

While Paris may be best known as a romantic, artistic capital, the city is also the business centre of the world's fifth-largest economy and is home to several international powerhouses, including AXA, Renault, Total, and UNESCO.

Charles de Gaulle Airport has good gourmet and fashion shopping and taxis to the centre of Paris cost around €45. Of course if ... read more »

Prague, Czech Republic

After years of stern state control during Soviet times and the recession of 1998, the modern Czech economy has been boosted by it's membership of the IMF, World Bank and, of course, the European Union. Trade relations have been strengthened within the EU and nowadays instead of Russia, Germany is its biggest export and import collaborator.

Arriving to Ruzyne-Prague Airport, ... read more »
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