Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam has a long history of business and international trade -- from founding the world's first multinational corporation, the Dutch East India Company, to it's modern day flourishing economy. While The Hague may be the Netherlands' administrative capital, it is Amsterdam that is the genuine business centre. Much of this is owed to the city's encouragement of high-tech amenities and conference ... read more »

Barcelona, Spain

Any business travel itinerary to Barcelona, Spain, should also take in the stunning architecture, cultural life and the culinary delights of this world-class, hospitable city. Business travellers make up around half of the visitors who visit Barcelona each year and most try to tie-in some of the city's sights. Everyone should mind their belongings as bag-snatching is common.
Barcelona is served ... read more »

Buenos Aires, Argentina

--The capital has bounced back relatively well from the economic collapse of 2001, however inflation remains high. Here, in this good looking and laid back city, top banks, insurance companies and large multinationals share city space with 12.7 million people.

Almost all international flights arrive at Buenos Aires's Ezeiza airport, about 35km south of the centre. Ezeiza is a ... read more »

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul's strategic location between Asia and Europe has always been vital to its success. The city has grown from an ancient trading hub to a modern port and it is thought to generate more than half of all of Turkey's trade.
Istanbul is Turkey's manufacturing and business hub with its environs producing fruit, olive oil, tobacco, cotton, textiles, oil products, ... read more »

Lisbon, Portugal

Since joining the EU in 1986 Portugal has moved from its agrarian roots more towards industry and service. However, agriculture still employs around 10% of the workforce, large by Western European standards. The country produces wheat, maize, potatoes, tomatoes, olives, grapes, fish and meat and dairy products. Portugal joined the Eurozone in 1999, and since then the economy has stagnated.
The ... read more »
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