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After years of stern state control during Soviet times and the recession of 1998, the modern Czech economy has been boosted by it's membership of the IMF, World Bank and, of course, the European Union. Trade relations have been strengthened within the EU and nowadays instead of Russia, Germany is its biggest export and import collaborator.

Arriving to Ruzyne-Prague Airport, home to carrier is Czech Airlines (CSA), travellers will find a modern and spacious airport located around 17 km north of the city. All international flights arrive here as there is no other civil airport in Prague. From the airport there are the usual transport options and taxis are the freely available.

At business meetings, first names tend not to be used unless a business relationship is well established. For business purposes, formal attire is the norm and those in business wear suits. Long lunches are usual. Avoid visits during July and August as many businesses close for holidays.

Quick facts --
Country Code: 420
City Code: 2
Money: The Czech crown (CZK) (koruna ceská or Kc) is the official currency. The Czech Republic hopes to adopt the Euro around 2015.
Voltage: 220V
Time: GMT +1
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