While Paris may be best known as a romantic, artistic capital, the city is also the business centre of the world's fifth-largest economy and is home to several international powerhouses, including AXA, Renault, Total, and UNESCO.

Charles de Gaulle Airport has good gourmet and fashion shopping and taxis to the centre of Paris cost around €45. Of course if you are coming from the UK and are able to take the Eurostar train from London, you can avoid tedious transfers and arrive into the heart of the city - from St Pancras International to the centre of Paris it's an impressive 2 hours 15 minutes.

Business nuance goes a long way in France, and in particular in Paris. Bear in mind the following - unless you are fluent in French it is best, contrary to what many think, to stick to English. If you do speak a little French and insist on trying it, do not use the informal 'tu' at a business meeting, this is disrespectful. It's best to avoid politics and instead open conversations with art, architecture or something inoffensive. Business dialogue will not begin until after the meal has been ordered. 'Bon appétit' is considered vulgar, so best to avoid saying this. It's over coffee that the real business tends to take place.

Quick facts --
Country Code: 33
City Code: 1
Money: France joined the Euro zone in 1999
Voltage: 220V
Time: Central European time (GMT+1)
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