Istanbul's strategic location between Asia and Europe has always been vital to its success. The city has grown from an ancient trading hub to a modern port and it is thought to generate more than half of all of Turkey's trade.
Istanbul is Turkey's manufacturing and business hub with its environs producing fruit, olive oil, tobacco, cotton, textiles, oil products, rubber, metal ware, electronics, chemicals, leather goods, pharmaceuticals and machinery. Over half of Turkey's $100 billion+ import/exports are made by Istanbul-based companies.
The city is also home to the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE), and major financial institutions such as Citibank, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, ING, and Deutsche Bank. One of the strongest industries in Istanbul is tourism meaning that there are plenty of good hotels to choose from. Atatürk Airport is located in Yeşilköy, in the European side of Istanbul. It is 28 km to downtown, so it is best to take a taxi.
For business meetings it is best to take along documents printed both in English and Turkish and to bear in mind that business is based on friendship -- therefore first meetings will need to focus on getting to know each other.
Quick facts --
Country Code: 90
City Code: Istanbul (Asian Side) +216
Istanbul (Europe Side) +212
Money: The unit of Turkish money is the Turkish Lira (Türk Lirası, TL). In 2009, new banknotes were introduced.
Voltage: 220V
Time: Standard time zone: GMT +2 hours. Daylight saving time +1 hour.
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